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SMA WR STP 12000TL Dis/ESS/RS485/BT /MFR/Sunclix

65.092,50 (DKK)

SMA WR STP 12000TL Dis/ESS/RS485/BT /MFR/Sunclix

65.092,50 (DKK)
Total 65.092,50 (dkk)

EO cycle 25kW

Solar energy

The most silent wind turbine on the market? Judge for yourself!

Solid Wind Power is looking for international dealers

SWP-25 is type approved according to the IEC 61400-2 standard.

SWP-25 is an elegant wind turbine, manufactured with focus on quality and design.

SWP 25 is supplied with integrated tilt in the tube tower, which
makes it possible to lay down the turbine for annual inspection, and enables avoidance of a service gondola on the side of the nacelle. The tilt tower is further advantageous during mounting, as you avoid costs for a mobile crane.

Up to 100,000 kWh per year

The most silent turbine on the market

Elegant and aesthetic design

Low maintenance costs

Developed and manufactured in Denmark

Proven track record for 20 years

Special 2 generators systems ensures high performance both at low and high wind speeds

The History

Robert Sørensen designed the wind turbine Bosted 22 back in 1988. It had 22kW power and was designed as an upright wind turbine.

Robert knew all about wind technology and had detailed knowledge about things like the Kuriant turbine. His idea was to build a stable, reliable and durable wind turbine. Robert succeeded – the Bosted 22 wind turbine ran impeccably for 19 years.

The wind turbine was dismantled in 2008, because the nearby urban area was extended and his wind turbine permission was abrogated. However, the wind turbine was still fully operative – the gear, main bearing, yawing system and brakes were original parts, which did not yet need replacing.

We have designed SWP-25-14, based on the set-up of the Bosted 22 wind turbine and RMV’s 20 years of experience from the wind power industry.

We have maintained identical components and main principles from Robert's turbine – however, we decided to upgrade it with another generator, so SWP 25-14 has a main generator as well as a light-wind generator. This makes SWP 25-14 able to generate significant more power from wind speeds of 3 m/s and more (see the power curve).

The wind turbine generates large annual amounts of power, due to our custom-made blade.

In order to maximise the annual generation of power from our household wind turbine, we have developed a new 14m rotor, dedicated to SWP 25-14.

Thus, we focused on developing a modern and high performance blade, especially for low wind speeds (4-8m/s).

We call the blade RMV 7000; it is manufactured in our own factory and meets all our requirements without compromising on noise an durability. We have used state-of-the-art design technologies and tools to make this happen.

The wind turbine should not only generate as much power as possible. Another challenge was to make the turbine as silent as possible. Thus, we are extremely happy about the fact that SWP 25-14 is likely to be the most silent household wind turbine on the market. Again, due to our custom-made blade RMV 7000 and the light-wind generator, which apart from gearing via a belt drive allows us to operate the turbine with just 38 RPM under 5m/s. This low rotational speed makes the blades almost mute and adds a tranquil look to the turbine.

However, the low noise level is also referable to the design of the nacelle. It is divided into two parts – a top frame and a base frame, segregating the rotational parts from the rest of the construction via vibration dampers.

We were able to keep the total weight of the nacelle on a minimum by optimising the construction by means of computer-based load simulation (professional term: Finite Element Analysis).

We are, in all modesty, quite proud of the look of our household wind turbine and we set great value upon aesthetics - please remember that this household wind turbine is going to be your clostest neighbour for the next 20 years.

We call this wind turbine Solid Wind Power, since it is a solid turbine for many years of solid and efficient power generation. Plus, if you post your work on facebook and your fifty friends like it, the friends of your fifty friends may creative writing essay contest be able to read the work and like it for their friends and then you're well into previously published territory

Trykprøvning og påfyldning af væske i jordslanger (flere kredse)

Trykprøvning og påfyldning af væske i jordslanger (flere kredse) Um den zusammenhang zu verste

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